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"Own your life. Only you have the ability to start the process of change. Know what makes you tick and attune your life to the beat!"

Amy Benton


Are you currently performing at your best? Can you honestly say that your workforce is achieving the best results they can?


Would you like to know exactly what motivates you or your workforce? How would this knowledge change your clarity of direction, focus and success?


My name is Amy Benton, the founder of Re-mind Coaching Solutions. I am a Motivation and Mindset Expert. I work with forward-thinking and driven individuals, entrepreneurs, elite professional sports people and teams, business leaders and SME's to help them unlock the success they deserve.

Whether I'm coaching individuals one-to-one or working with organisations to unlock their potential, motivation and engagement are at the core of all I do. 

I am one of only a small number of practitioners on the planet who combines Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Motivational Mapping with coaching. These approaches allow us to identify and challenge mental models and habits which demotivate us and hold us back in our quest for success.

Whatever the goal, the same is true, if you keep doing the same, you’ll keep getting the same results.


If you don't like where you are, move. You are not a tree!


  • Business Coaching​​

  • Executive Coaching

  • Performance Coaching for Elite Sports Performers

  • Motivational Profiling for Individuals, Teams & Organisations

  • Bespoke Workshops 

  • Motivational Speaking

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Re-mind Coaching Solutions was born from my passion for helping people unlock their true potential.

I dedicate my life to helping others realise their dreams. Through understanding of what drives them and keeps them focused, I show people the pathway to sustainable success.


With the realisation that you are limitless comes belief that anything is possible. With these ingredients you will succeed.


Using transformational consultancy and coaching I can give you absolute clarity of what motivates you and what enables high performance in individuals, teams and across whole organisations.


Amy Benton

07789 182210


Transformational Coaching and Consultancy in the United Kingdom

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